How To Play A7 Chord On Guitar

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a7 chord

This chord is quite simple and only requires that you fret two strings of the guitar. The 2nd and 4th string are both played at the 2nd fret to make this chord happen.

It’s made up of the notes A, C#, E and G#m from the A Major Scale!

Theoretically, a dominant seventh chord, is made up of the normal triad (root, major third, perfect fifth) and adding the minor seventh of the scale. Since G# is the 7th, we take the minor of it and arrive at G#m or just G.

A B C# D E F G# A.

The chord chart on the left shows you exactly how to finger the A7 Chord.

You can also check out this link for other awesome ways to play the A7 Chord.

Alternatively, here is a great Youtube Video to show you how it looks and plays!

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